Houseless Movement Charity

Dignity. Respect. Understanding. 


We aren’t trying to change you. We just want to help you find a place to fit in.

Houseless Movement Charity

We are a charity run and operated by homeless people, just like you. We are right there with you.
We think you are cool just the way you are. If we are trying to change anyone, it’s people that think we are just throw away people. That we aren’t worth anyone’s time or interest. 

We are using drugs and are living on the street not because we don’t like rules, or don’t want to work. 

We are who we are because of very harsh and undeniable catastrophes in our lives. And now we’re out here with no support, no families, no friends. We’re all alone. (How many drug addicts with rich families end up on the street?)

That’s where the Houseless Movement Charity comes in.

We are a bunch of homeless drug addicts that are supported by an ever growing community of people from all over the world. 

Through their support we are able to provide art, music, bicycle repair, Internet access, food, survivalist supplies and so much more. 

 If there is something you want in your life, we’d like to see if we can help you get it.

Would you like a job today so you could buy some cigarettes? Maybe we can help.

Would you like a bicycle so you can travel further faster? Maybe we can help.

Are you hungry? Maybe we can help.

Would you like to just come inside for a while? Maybe we can help.

Right now we are a small facility in the basement of an old building. But that’s not too bad considering we’re brand new.

Maybe someday we’ll be a shelter. Maybe some day we’ll be a safe injection site. Maybe some day we’ll be a job center specifically for homeless people. It’s all up to us and what we want to achieve.