Whether by choice or by circumstance, it is not illegal for you to live in your own country and city if you don’t have 4 walls and a roof.

You have every right to live in a shelter that fits your needs and your lifestyle.

You cannot be forced to live in a place not of your choosing. That’s called jail.

More than 11 million Americans now pay more than half their monthly income for rent.

On average, there are only 28 adequate and affordable housing options for every 100 extremely low-income households.

Additionally, many people can’t get into shelters when they have nowhere else to turn.

Your city, state and nation must accommodate your needs.

If you want or need to live in your car, a tiny home or a tent you must be given that right to do so. You must also be given the right to live affordably in your community. If you have no income you must be able to live somewhere that costs no money.

This is happening in the richest, most Christian country in the world for one reason: City governments are primarily driven by money. The higher the property values, the more tax revenue they collect. So, all incentives are to push up property values and push out those that can't afford it. They have created a class war. The less money you have the less they want you in their city. The people they want the least are our homeless brothers and sisters.

We must pressure local governments to allow for development of sanctioned tent villages for emergency triage shelter and then allow us to create tiny house villages where a person can live for about $300/month. 

These living spaces are absolutely needed throughout America. But local governments refuse to allow them to be developed. 

We MUST stand up for the people in our communities that have nowhere to live.

If you are able, please support our work to end the anti-homeless policies in America. Please support the Houseless