Welcome To The Houseless Movement Discussion Forum

  • May 17, 2021 9:59 AM
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    We can talk about anything you want regarding homelessness and houselessness here. 

    If you love homeless people, you are welcome here. If you hate homeless people, you are welcome here. 

    The only things that may get deleted here include:

    • Attacking individual people.
    • Not talking about homelessness and related topics.
    • Spam (I'll let you link out to related topics. But I'll probably delete anything that looks like a money making scheme. Although, I will probably allow links to Gofundme's and other ways to send money to homeless people. Generally, try posting and I'll see what I do. 

    If you hate homeless people, I'm very glad you are here. All I ask is if you saying something mean and hurtful, please try to take the responses to heart. Maybe you will slightly change your perspective. 

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