Blake Moore and CNE Electrical Contractors Just Installed A 200AMP Electrical Panel For Us AT NO CHARGE!

March 15, 2022 3:57 PM | Anonymous

I am writing to let you know how thankful I and our charity are for Blake Moore and CNE Electrical Contractors

As you likely know, we have a house and a couple small pieces of land in Akron Ohio. A big part of our charity is to help shelter homeless people. This winter we grew to about 16 tents, 2 tiny houses and a camper. 

We sheltered a woman all winter long in an ice fishing tent who was pregnant and will be giving birth in April. We shelter a homeless veteran. About 50% of our village are homeless women. These are all people that had nowhere else to turn. The shelters are often full. And often the people that live with us have a dog and/or partner. Neither are allowed at any shelter. 

One of the most difficult parts of this work is keeping people warm in the winter. Here is a picture of our camp during one of the several snowstorms this winter:


We've used propane Buddy Heaters throughout most of our work. But we are finding that they can be dangerous. And getting propane is difficult. So we've been moving more and more people to electricity.

The problem with that is that electric heaters take a tremendous amount of amperage. So we were looking at upgrading our electric panel to help facilitate more electrical use. We are a very small charity and money is incredibly tight. I was quoted about $3500 to do this work. We simply didn't have the money. So we put out a request for help with this work. Within about a minute of putting out the request, Blake texted me and said he'd do all the work for no charge... all labor and all supplies. 

You can't imagine how elated we all were. His team came out today and did an absolutely beautiful job. They were wonderful people, incredibly kind and competent. 

We are now the proud owners of a 200amp electrical panel. This will change our entire lives and the work we do.

We all are sothankful for Blake and CNE. It's people like them that always prove to me that people are good. That goodness is at the heart of the vast majority of people.

I just wanted to let you know. If you are ever in need of a great electic company, give CNE a call: (330) 604-5602

Thank you so much!


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15 Broad St.
Akron, Oh 44305

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