The Fight Against American Homeless People Is Heating Up

July 05, 2021 9:06 AM | Anonymous

I like to keep up on the national news of what is going on in the homeless environment. I post stories I find interesting on our Discussion Forum here.

There are two big hotspots of governmental involvement right now: Los Angeles and Austin. (New York is likely coming.)

This just happened: 

Los Angeles passes measure limiting homeless encampments | Business |


Austin is deciding how and when to enforce newly-restored camping ban | The Texas Tribune

These laws ban sitting and lying in public areas. 

"Among other limits, the [LA] ordinance that passed 13-2 would ban sitting, lying, sleeping or storing personal property that blocks sidewalks, streets and bike lanes or near driveways, fire hydrants, schools, day care centers, libraries, homeless shelters and parks.

I know something about how homeless people think. I am here to tell you they do NOT want to live exposed on a sidewalk. It's embarrassing. It's dangerous. It's humiliating. 

I think most people don't truly understand that homeless people are 100% human. They have every single feeling and thought that you and I do. So, let me ask you: if you had lost everything would YOU want to live on the sidewalk where everyone can see you and gawk at you? These are people. These are not animals.

I believe that we are experiencing with homeless people what we experienced with slaves. Many people felt slaves were not people. There was a powerful group of people backed up by scientists and theologians that taught the idea of Polygenism. That human races came from different origins versus monogenism which says that humanity came from a single origin.

And, as you might imagine, Africans came from an inferior race of people and Europeans came from a higher stock of people.

We can't promote polygenism with homeless people because American homeless people came from us. They come from all kinds of families. So, instead, we teach a kind of individual inferiority. That these people came from good families but they became lazy and weak minded. Homeless people are even worse than a genetically inferior race. Homeless people are just losers. 

So, it makes perfect sense to not let losers sit or sleep or store their belongings. I mean, who can argue with the idea that losers are the most un-American people imaginable? At least Africans couldn't help being born into an inferior race. Homeless people have let this happen to themselves. They are trash. And trash deserves to be thrown out.

If all of this isn't cruel and inhumane enough, it also is absolutely insane. Imagine deciding you are going to institute a city trash service. You are going to pick up all the trash in the city. You make it a law. "We will clean up all  the trash we find." But you don't have a place to take the trash!

Where are you going to take the trash?

This is the policy Los Angeles and Austin have instituted. They have determined these people, these American citizens (veterans, moms, dads, children, senior citizens) are trash that needs to be cleaned up off the street. Yet they have no plan on where to dump their trash.

That's how you know this is based in nothing other than homeless hate.

People hate homeless people. People hate the way homeless people make them feel. People hate looking at homeless people. People with money should have the American right to not be subjected to the painful reality that America is broken and cruel. People with money should have the right not to look at poor people. 

That's what this is all about. And you know that's all this is about because they don't have a plan on solving homelessness. They just have a plan of making homelessness invisible at ANY COST to the person who has lost every single thing in their life.


  • July 05, 2021 4:02 PM | Jane
    It’s not just Austin. The state has passed a camping ban that goes it effect sept 1
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