Activism Guidelines

We would be honored for you to stand up to the powers that be in our name. But in order to be part of the Houseless Movement you must adhere to our principles of activism.

First and foremost: This will be a physically nonviolent process.

There are many reasons nonviolence is the way to go. These are some quick reasons:

Most importantly: American government is strongest in the violence game. You don’t fight your enemy at their strongest point. When you have countless other ways to attack them, it makes no sense to attack them at their strongest point.

Your supporters get really small. There are only a hand full of people that are willing and able to take up arms. You will isolate yourself when you really should be uniting as many people together as possible.

Studies have shown that violent uprisings don’t have as much success as nonviolent uprisings.

And of course, violence is violent. You can change the world without bloodshed. Your government doesn’t think that’s true. But it’s true.

Anyone representing the Houseless Movement will be respectful of police, will not hurt other people and will take any violence or abuse brought on them with humility and nonviolence. It is critical never to react to violence with violence.

This absolutely does not mean we are passive. We are ACTIVE. Incredibly active. We are here to create direct action and to create change. Don’t physically hurt people. Otherwise, game on.

Second: This will be fun.

Every act we do should be entertaining and amusing… usually at the expense of our adversaries. We will embarrass them. We will mock them. We will laugh at them. They are notoriously thin skinned and insecure. That’s their weak point. That’s where we will attack them. We will make fun of them.

Third: We will go after their pillars of power.

These are the people that support them. These are businesses and rich people. All they care about is making money. We will hurt them where they are weakest: in their wallet. We will also embarrass them by connecting them to our adversaries.

Fourth: We will have clear goals..

We only want one thing: For homeless people to be able to live peacefully and legally in their own country and city. 

Of course we want affordable housing for all people. But today we'll take pretty much anything as long as it is near food and other homeless services. We just want to live legally and peacefully in our own country. 

Fifth: We will be the party of the people.

We are the 99%. It is only a small elite few that we are against.

In fact, there are many wealthy people that support our cause. We are not against wealth. We are not against private property. (Wealth and private property will be the ultimate solutions to homelessness.) We are not against anything other than the rotten corruption of government that does not permit private citizens to help homeless people. We just want the government to get the hell out of the way so people that want to help homeless people can help them. That’s all. (Their hatred of the homeless is what is driving their maniacal unjust laws.)

Many of these principles are derived from the guidelines in this book: Blueprint for Revolution: How to Use Rice Pudding, Lego Men, and Other Nonviolent Techniques to Galvanize Communities, Overthrow Dictators, or Simply Change the World by Srdja Popovic

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