Please Support Building A Bathroom for Homeless Akronites

I recently asked a couple people staying with us in our Garden at the small illegal homeless village at the Houseless Movement what they would like most of all.

One person said they didn't want to poop in a bag anymore. 

Another person said they wanted to be able to wash their hands.

(I can't believe these are issues in the United States of America. But they are.)

American homeless people live in third-world conditions. They don't have access to running water or sanitation. 

Please help us change that for our local homeless neighbors.

We can solve this in our little corner of America.

Here is Jason (who stays with us) standing in the location in the basement of our house where we want to put a toilet and shower. (We've already put in the toilet.)

Due to the fact that Akron mismanaged the billing of the entire city's water system, we got a surprise water bill of $877.85 in September. So that slowed down our plans for this bathroom.

We could really use your help to fund this project. 

We would like to buy this shower kit:

And we'd like to buy this door:

We will need a handle for the door and some plumbing equipment. I will also pay the homeless people who install these things. 

We could really use your help with this project.

If you have the ability to contribute to this cause it would mean a great deal to the local homeless community.

This bathroom will be available to all the people who live in our Garden and their friends. This bathroom could easily support 20 homeless people.

Thank you so much for your incredible generosity and support.

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